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Made in Canada by ConfortMedic, the CM1000 bathtub hoist is made for the front access to the tub. The CM1000 is made of stainless steel and aluminum for easy disinfection and maximum durability. The seat and backrest are molded in a closed-cell resin, resistant, easy to disinfect and soft to the skin. They can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Front-loading Bathtub Hoist

The CM1000 bathtub hoist offers front access to the tub, thus freeing both sides of the tub to make caregivers work easier. It also helps resident to keep a safe position on the chair and reduces the slipping effect inside water. Designed to offer more space and comfort, it has an ultra-robust structure, resistant and reliable. Equipped with a manual emergency lowering system, a multifunction remote control with battery level display, removable batteries and several options, the CM1000 bathtub hoist meets the highest requirements of modern healthcare environments.

Front access or lateral access, you decide with our hybrid hoist

With a new and redesigned frame, the CM1000 can be configured for front access or lateral access (CM2000). The structure stays the same, you configure it the way you want!

  • Degrees of autonomy
  • Benefits
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Degrees of autonomy

  1. Ambulatory, but may use a cane for support
  2. Can support herself to some degree
  3. Usually sits in wheelchair, but is able to partially bear weight on its legs
  4. Sits in wheelchair. Almost no capacity to support herself and cannot stand unsupported.
  5. Almost completely bed ridden. Passive resident, totally dependent and physically demanding for caregiver.
Equipment & degrees of autonomy (PDF)



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