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AQUAelectronik Technologies Inc. is created and the first height adjustable bathtub is manufactured.

New product development: bathtub hoists and chairs, bathtub stretchers, shower trolleys, shower panels, stainless steel sinks, electronic flush panels for shower and urinal systems.

The Forand family complete the acquisition of AQUAelectronik Technologies Inc.

Acquisition of a 30,000 sq.ft. building to reorganize production floor, add more offices, build a showroom and focus on product developments. AQUAelectronik considerably expands its product line and continue to accelerate R&D investment.

Arrival of the new German based swivel bath Invita and modern adjustable height bathtub Avero Comfort. Diversification of the product range with the addition of the Carlo sling lift and the Nora stand-up lift.

Arrival of the ultra modern height adjustable Phoenix bathtub and its simplified version, the Premium. Consolidation of all solutions offered under the “ConfortMedic” line of products. Launch of the Invita bath for the residential market.

AQUAelectronik changes its name to become “ConfortMedic Technologies Inc.”. Development of a classification tool, based on patient’s various degrees of autonomy, to help customers choosing the right solutions for their needs. Development of a therapeutic chromotherapy system for bathtubs.

Arrival of a complete range of shower chairs: Tango, Flexo, Elexo, Reflex and their bariatric models Tango-XL and Elexo-XL. Arrival of the sling lift Carlo-A all aluminum. Development of an independant electronic anti-scalding protection system that can be installed on various bathtub models.

Launch of the new range of Authentique bathtubs offering different control panels and different forms of shells. Arrival of the new bath chair with front access CM1000.

Confortmedic is acquired by Martin Turcotte and Bryan Welch, shareholders of LPA Medical