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LUCLuc Forand has over thirty years of management experience. He has worked with major Quebec companies whose principal was Hydro-Québec as manager of a team of electrical engineers and computer scientists. Father of six children, he is the owner of various companies through the farm to residential real estate.

Very socially involved, he is chairman of the board of the Desjardins caisse his municipality, member of the regional council of representatives of Desjardins Richelieu-Yamaska, founder and president of the College Health Foundation which financially supports a regional medical clinic and a member various committees.

In 2008, wanting to satisfy his taste for entrepreneurship and seeking new challenges, he decided, with his son Alexander, to acquire the company AQUAelectronik Technologies Inc., the latter corresponding to any point desired criteria in Besides being associated with a great social mission. The whole family decides to participate and all sit on the board of directors of the company, Alexander being the pivot.

Since the acquisition, the company changed its name to “ConfortMedic Technologies Inc.” and major investments have been made, including the acquisition of a new building and investment in research and development for continuous improvement products.